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Our web portal is called REPORTXEC, a wide range of reports can be accessed enabling you to view management information in real time.

All reports are configured to print from screen or export to a spreadsheet. If you require information that is not currently included in an existing report or would prefer it in a different format, just let us know.

Secure access is by unique username and password.Please contact your account manager directly to be issued with these or if you need any assistance.


Mail Order Outsourcing has created a new online facility christened EMPOWER.

It is aimed at clients who provide marketing materials to a defined set of people such as their national sales force, branches, dealers or retailers. It has a unique hierarchy structure which allows head office total control throughout the chain.

Users access EMPOWER via the internet and are recognised via their unique password which defines what they can see and do. The head office sees a fuller view and controls allocations of literature to the other users. The look and functionality of the system can be customised for each client.

eConnect Mail charity literature distribution

Managed service or DIY access for design and authoring of e-mails, data selections, e-broadcasts and reporting.

To log in to your eConnect Mail account go to

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