Charities: Mail Order Fund Raising

charity FulfilmentBenefits to Charities of a Mail Order Arm

  • Charities have a ready-made and sympathetic customer set via their supporter database
  • A mail order trading arm allows charity supporters to easily increase their commitment by purchasing items they would otherwise buy elsewhere
  • It improves supporter engagement and provides the option of gifts with a purpose and top-up donations
  • A mail order website creates new customers - who may become long term supporters
  • It is a source of fund raising
  • Products can be tailored to your cause and shared with your shops - improving cause awareness

Orbital as your fulfilment partner

You don’t need to create and maintain the infrastructure for a mail order business: Orbital has a trading platform ready for you.  We already successfully work with the trading arms of several charities using mail order for fund raising - seasonal and year-round - including ‘Add aDonation to your Order’ expertise and Gift Aid processing.

We know that your supporters need to be recognised and treated well to enhance their goodwill and commitment to your charity.  Our relational database can link supporters to their various points of engagement (eg: branch, committee, etc.) - and we can feed data back to your CRM system.


Shop servicing too

Charity shops can sell a percentage of new goods.  Mail order stock can be shared with your shops and other retailers.  Orbital have good rates for parcel and palletised deliveries to your retail partners.


Promoting your goods

Orbital have marketing services facilities:  catalogue and supporter mailing and e-mailing; donation handling too.


VAT on postage: to partly mitigate the effect of the recently introduced VAT on postage, we’ve evolved a DSA Agency Agreement.  For information contact


Product sourcing

We already work with a number of charities and are looking at forming a purchasing consortium in 2013.  Click here


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