Data Management

data management and insightA quality and growing contact database - well utilised - is the lifeblood of a successful mail order business.  Orbital’s data specialists are on hand to make sure you get the best results from your CRM data.  

Our software holds your data and provides a single view of each contact and their transaction history. If you hold your own data we can take a copy of this and work on it for you.

It's important to provide customers with access to a ‘Change my Contact Details’ facility so you don’t lose touch with them, use incorrect details cause upset and wasted costs by contacting the deceased.  Visit our address line update page for more information.

Data use

Our mail order trading software has a standard RFM report (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) and scoring functionality by customer and stock categories.

Selections can be made for mailings (with presort for postage discounts) and e-mailings - we can work to your customer’s contact preferences.

Orbital can produce your mailings and e-mailings.  Don’t forget to flag usage on to the relevant record to monitor response and avoid over-contact.


Data enhancement

We can improve and enhance your data using all the usual tools such as Mortascreen and NCOA (National Change of Address file).  Ask about our free Data Health-check).


Data Insight

We sit down with you and go through a three dimensional view of your customers and prospects to see how best to utilise your data assets.


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