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email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful and cost-effective marketing tool for promoting your products and keeping your customers up to date with your latest news.  Let Orbital’s specialists handle this for you; successful email marketing is more complicated than many think.


With over 3 million emails leaving Orbital’s servers every month, we understand how the impact an email’s design has on its success.  Our in-house team of designers can help you provide stunning visuals, with website links and carry-throughs, to build fantastic relationships with your customers and maximise your return on investment.

Our online tools ensure that your emails keep their stunning appearance consistent regardless of email client or browser platform.


Every customer within your database is unique and deserves to be treated as such.  The flexibility of email marketing allows the content of your email to change dynamically depending upon your customer’s requirements.  New customers should be welcomed, frequent customers should be updated and lapsed customers might want a gentle reminder of what you can bring them.

Our in-house systems can segment, profile and understand your customers to ensure that they receive the right message at the right time.


So the design is a winner and the profiling is perfect but the campaign won’t be a success if the email doesn’t reach them.  Our deliverability checker will ensure that your message reaches is intended destination and evades being listed as spam.

Our e-Broadcast system is directly connected to the internet.  

We can design templates and handle the whole process or you can access our software and manage content, data selections and e-broadcasts yourself - and we’re on hand to support you and deal with overspill work


Only by looking at the results do you learn about your customers; what makes them engage, what drives them away, what impact do design changes have on them. Our email marketing software links seamlessly with Google analytics and other analysis tools.  We also manage bounces and opt-outs.

Orbital’s wealth of experience in database management can provide insight down to the single customer. 

Put the expertise of our e-broadcasting team and system to work for you 

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