Postal Returns & Address Update

Postal Returns and Address Line UpdateA quality contact database is vital to any successful distance-selling business - and quality is doubly important where lists are brokered. 

Customers want to assist, so do provide them with a ‘Change my Contact Details’ facility.  This helps ensure you don’t lose touch with them, use incorrect details or cause upset (and wasted costs) by continuing to contact the deceased. 

Mailing envelopes, postcards and polywrap need a return address.  These returns are a valuable source of updates - avoiding future waste and potentially lost contact with customers who have previously bought from you.


Orbital can provide you with the facilities to deliver on these objectives: 

  • Use our address for postal returns 

We receive and sort envelopes and data capture the relevant information (we can utilise customer URN’s as characters or barcodes).  Returned literature and other marketing collateral can be re-used if in good condition or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner (as is packaging).

  • Use our Customer Contact Centre to offer a telephone/email ‘Change my Contact Details’ facility

Published this facility on your website and in your catalogues. 

  • We provide a regular file to you (or your data bureau) to update your CRM database

Use the National Change of Address (NCOA) file to track down new addresses for ‘gone-aways’  so you continue to keep in touch with customers. 


This service adds to you social credentials, avoids wastage, means you are complying with DM industry best practice and, most importantly, keeps you close to your customers.


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