Back Orders

back order managementStock levels fluctuate according to demand and the availability of products from your suppliers - so you may be in a position where items aren’t immediately available to fulfil customer orders.

  • Orbital provide real time reporting of stock levels, including item status and back order levels.
  • Regular back order notifications can be provided to customers keeping them informed about their order. Notifications can be supplied by email, post or telephone as you preferred.
  • Despatch rules can be applied either allowing, or preventing orders to be partially despatched. These rules can be managed during campaigns to ensure customers receive all available items in advance of sessional deadlines.
  • Where order lines are received for out of stock and discontinued items, Orbital has a range of functionality that can efficiently manage these scenarios ranging from substitution, cross-selling or automated cancellation.  
  • Where an order has to be cancelled, refunds and customer service correspondence are system driven.
  • If appropriate call centre agents can have visibility of outstanding purchase orders and delivery due dates so this information can be provided to customers to manage their expectations.

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