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customer contact centreYour customer contact centre is an important element of a multi-channel approach - for both order processing and after-sales service.

You can redirect your existing phone numbers to Orbital; our system will recognise them and trigger the appropriate script. Calls are answered in your name - and then automatically link to the correct trading application, whether ours or by browser to your own software.

Our UK Customer Contact Centre is open seven days a week 9am -9pm (hours can be extended for specific campaigns) to take care of every aspect of ordering and customer service on your behalf.




 PCI compliant environment, processes and software.

Customer Contact Centre for phone calls and emails

  • 40 seats
  • Dedicated or shared resource managed using skills-based call routing technology
  • Experienced contact centre agents who will treat your customers as their own  
  • Our software or your own (via a web browser).  Our software has a single customer view incorporating orders, returns, marketing activity and notes - enabling agents to respond quickly and effectively.
  • English and German speakers
  • ACD - with monitoring software
  • PAF based input for accuracy of delivery and CRM.  Contact information and preferences collected.  PCI and Data Protection Act compliant
  • Digital call recording option (with PCI ‘auto-pause’ on in-house software) and selective quality control call monitoring
  • In-house trainer
  • Live web chat facility for people browsing your website.
  • Option of product samples on hand so agents can familiarise themselves and answer questions
  • Experience in increasing average order value (upsell and cross-sell) and adding donations
  • Transaction processing expertise and PCI security compliance
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for out-of-hours calls, announcements, specific campaigns and 24/7 back-up
  • Detailed management information and customer feedback
  • Outbound special offer and customer service calls

Post too ….

  • Mail delivered directly to our UK Customer Contact Centre
  • Order entry and cheque handling

We have extensive knowledge in handling and management of calls, whether your customers have an issue or query about products or it is a sales call - we have the facilities to provide you with a great service.

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