Multi-Channel Software

We can process orders in either:

  • Your system via a VPN or web browser
  • Our leading Microsoft Dynamics AX technology: Microsoft is universally compatible - and you get online access to management information

Our UK-developed multi-channel retail (MCR) software is built around a Microsoft Dynamics AX core system and manages the whole process within a single customer view - including real-time access for you. Microsoft Dynamics AX is used by over 10,000 organisations worldwide.

This powerful and flexible multi-channel retail (MCR) PCI complaint software is also used by over 25 other organisations to handle their business processes and customer experience. You benefit from our £300k investment in this modern constantly enhanced MCR system, fully integrated with our Customer Contact Centre and Warehouse/Despatch facility


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  • Multi-client with distinct client separation, configurations and business rules
  • CTI automatically triggers your data for Customer Contact Centre agents
  • Customised scripting with up-sell and cross-sell features
  • Highly configurable
  • Pricing: promotions and offers, trade pricing (and credit accounts with invoicing), multi-currency
  • VAT and instalment billing
  • Brands and sub-brands


  • Maintains complex product ranges and combinations including sizes, colours and dimensions - plus product information and images
  • Option of different price levels for different sales channels including wholesale
  • Wide range of options for promotions
  • Available to web sites and Customer Contact Centre agents for telesales, order processing and customer service
  • Set stock reserve levels to trigger an email re-order reminder or set to ‘run to zero’
  • Physical and ‘service’ products
  • Third party despatch (drop-ship)
  • Kits / BOM’s

Sales order processing

  • PAF based input for accuracy of delivery and CRM
  • Lifetime view of each customer regardless of order channel: empowers call centre agent s; increases customer engagement; big marketing benefits
  • Full CRM recording all customer transactions, including free format notes and contact preferences
  • Alternative delivery address facility and back order module
  • e-mail confirmation of order and despatch to customer
  • Triggers despatch of regularly delivered items
  • Continuities
  • Instalment billing
  • Loyalty points

Customer contact centre

  • Easy for Contact Centre agents to learn: familiar Microsoft interfaces.
  • Search and find’ routines to enable data capture to be keyed against any customer records.
  • Auto identification of customers prevents multiple accounts being created
  • Slick and efficient order entry plus amend/update (regardless of order channel).
  • Fast and accurate data capture using PAF (improves deliverability and CRM accuracy) and opt-in preferences
  • A full audit trail is maintained for all stock items and each and every order, irrespective of order source. This ensures that our Customer Service teams are always fully in the picture
  • Visibility of stock levels, outstanding purchase orders etc.

For more information visit our Customer Contact Centre page.

Payment Processing

  • PCI compliant: system - doesn’t store card details
  • Real time payment processing
  • Fully reconciled and auditable
  • Credit screening

For more information visit our Payment Processing page.


  • Multi-site option
  • Accurate real time stock 
For more information visit our Warehousing and Stock Management page.


Inventory Management

  • Purchase orders
  • Easy entry of returns to update transaction and stock records
  • ‘Best before’ and FIFO
  • Batch control and serial numbers

Order Fulfilment

  • Invoices, letters and despatch notes (with integral despatch label and optional returns label) with your logo or on your stationery.
  • Warehouse and Packing Station pick lists; individual packing note with barcode option for item verification and order-despatch confirmation

Carrier Interface

  • Carrier/post selection by rules you set: interfaces to Hermes (including Track and Trace link) and Yodel - and file transfers with others.
  • Drop ship: as the shipper for others and forwarding orders to suppliers
  • Automated e-mail confirmation of despatch

Website Integration

  • Passing order files or full integration: web services or automated batch process
  • Our in-house ‘techies’ can integrate our system with your transactional website
  • We can provide feature-rich Web store software - with a CMS for you to maintain the content
For more information visit our Website Integration page.


  • SQL server based reporting
  • Over 50 reports are available real-time to clients on line and the system has comprehensive sales and marketing functionality (including RFV scoring and reporting, etc.)
  • Full financial records and reconciliation to trial balance. Fully auditable

For more information visit our Reporting Page.

System Resilience

  • 40mb fixed link to the internet spine backed up by a radio link
  • Customer Contact centre and Ashford office have their own generator so power outages do not interrupt service
  • Generator also at Rushden warehouse
  • Virtualised server array if any processor fails its workload is shared by the others
  • On-site IT support
  • Mirrored data centre; transactions replicated every hour             
  • Multi-channel phone cable - all numbers work across all channels    

Our in-house software team can handle bespoke developments too.

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